Job Opportunities

  • Job Opportunity January 2019

    Speech-Language Therapist
    Part-time or Full-time positions available within Northern Suburbs, Johannesburg

    Applicant required to work within school settings

    Email CV to

  • Job Opportunity January 2019

    Speech-Language Therapist
    to commence full time duties at Bellavista School on 1 January 2019

    Bellavista School is an independent preparatory school in Johannesburg for children with learning potential who are experiencing specific or generalised learning difficulties that prevent them from achieving success in a mainstream school environment. We aim to encapsulate every child’s strengths and promote these, whilst developing coping strategies to overcome areas of weakness. To work at Bellavista School, a therapist must have a desire to engage intense and ongoing professional development, personal resilience, a sincere belief in the potential of every child and a strong collaborative style.

    A position has become available in the Speech-Language Therapy Department

    The ideal candidate will:

    • hold a 4 year qualification on Speech-Language Therapy;
    • demonstrate competence in speaking, reading and writing English;
    • have evidence of training and/or experience in working with children of school going age;
    • have technical competencies;
    • be characterised with positive interpersonal skills, professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility and accountability;
    • demonstrate self-initiated problem solving abilities;
    • present with excellent communications skills;
    • and, value reflective practice.

    Suitably qualified and experienced candidates should submit their CV by no later than 16 October 2018 to

    All applicants must be South African Citizens/Residents and hold a current HPCSA registration. Failure to meet the minimum requirements of the advertised post will result in applicants automatically disqualifying themselves from consideration. Applications will not necessarily entitle the applicant to a response, appointment or an interview. We reserve the right not to proceed with filling the post.

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