• 120 online CPD points available every year.
  • REDUCED malpractice insurance through PROFNET, official SASLHA partnership.
  • REDUCED registration fee at conferences and workshops.
  • Advertisement opportunities to SASLHA members, available at competitive rates.
  • An entry in the ‘Find a Professional’ for the public to find you, this is free advertising for your practice.
  • Free Ethical advice and support.
  • Access to best practice guidelines.
  • Online access to international journals: SAJCD, American Journal of Audiology and American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology
  • SASLHA has associate membership with both the IALP (International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics) and ISA (International Society Of Audiology).
  • Active SASLHA Facebook page.
  • Access to the latest news and therapy reviews via Ezine.
  • SASLHA is in the process of a Mutual Recognition Agreement with American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Speech-Language and Audiology Canada, Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapists, New Zealand Speech-language Therapists Association, Royal College of Speech-Language Therapists and The Speech Pathology Association of Australia which should be completed by 2016.
  • 400 FREE SMSES monthly to send to your patients.
  • Support to start journal clubs.
  • SASLHA is committed to supporting STUDENTS and those in our profession entering their COMMUNITY SERVICE year. 
SASLHA is run by a National Council who is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting, made up of council members who serve on a voluntary basis. Office bearers include The President, the Vice President and the Treasurer, four Zone Representatives, Chairpersons of the standing committees, namely Ethics and Standards, Public Relations and Marketing, Coding Committee and various other office bearers.