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Mershen Pillay CPD Schedule: 2019

Dysphagia workshops by Mershen Pillay for 2019: Click here for details.

SAMLA-UCT Medico-Legal Training Programme for 2019 and 2020

Announcement and Call for Registrations

We are pleased to be able to announce the second and third year sections of the SAMLA training in Medico-Legal Practice, in the form of Practical Training Workshops.

The workshops will follow on the theoretical, ethical and logical underpinning in the Foundations Course in Medico-Legal Practice presented during 2018. In order to obtain maximum CPD points, the training will be presented as a series of individually registered workshops – 5 in 2019 and 5 in 2020. Each year will build on the skills and experience developed during the previous year.

There will be live interactive presentations in 5 venues (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein), with the facility for those who are remote from these centres to participate online via a live Panopto video conferencing platform. In addition practical assignments will be completed in syndicates, with the facility to participate online in syndicate meetings via Videolinx.

The first day (s) of each workshop is for instruction and the final day for syndicate feedback and discussion – CPD points are being applied for through UCT.

Who is eligible?

The 2019 training is open to all interested persons, whether-or-not you attended the 2018 Foundations Course. To qualify for the 2020 workshops, you will need to have completed both the 2018 Foundations Course and 2019 Series of 5 Practical Training Workshops.

If you missed the live 2018 Foundations Course, an online e-learning version thereof will be available for completion in your own time during 2019. A final announcement in this regard will follow before the end of January 2019.

SAVE THE DATES : 26 January 2019 - Special National Seminar & AGM; 2 March and 16 March 2019
Workshop 1. Traumatic Brain Injury, 6 April and 4 May 2019
Workshop 2. Psychological Consequences, Emotional Shock and Constitutional Damages. Monetary and Non-Monetary Compensation; 1 June, 13 July and 17 August 2019
Workshop 3. RAF 4 Assessment and Recommendation; 7 September and 12 October 2019 -
Workshop 4. Cerebral Palsy; 2 November and 30 November 2019
Workshop 5. Mediation for Mediators, Attorneys, Advocates and Expert Witnesses.

For more detail please see attached documents :