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Dear members of Affiliated Society with the IALP,

We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the 29th Congress of Union of the European Phoniatricians to be held in Marina Congress Center, Helsinki, Finland from 13-16.6.2018.

The congress will focus on the main four topics of our specialty: the study and treatment of voice, speech and language, hearing, and swallowing disorders. As a multidisciplinary specialty, we would like to welcome phoniatricians,speech and language pathologists, laryngologists, otorhinolaryngologists, audiologists, vocologists, acousticians, singing teachers and all those with interest in communication disorders.

Attached you can find a brochure of the congress and we hope you forward it to the members of your organization along with the website of the congress Also, kindly find from this link the latest newsletter of the congress.

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Ahmed Geneid Anu Jyrkkä and Miia Ruuskanen
President of the congress Secretary of the congress
Helsinki, Finland
The 3rd of March was International Ear Care Day. This event is an initiative advocated by the World Health Organisation to help promote hearing and ear care globally. The theme for this year’s event is “Make Listening Safe” Click here to view.
Dear Members

You will be aware that the HPCSA and the Competitions Commission have been engaged in discussions and negotiations regarding the Ethical Rules. The following information is taken directly from a communication from Mr Clifford Nkuna, Acting Head of Legal Services at the HPCSA in response to a request from the Chairperson of the ESC for clarification of the meaning and application of the Government Gazette 34767 of 25th November 2011.

Only two rules were found to be not in line with the Competitions Act. These are rule 3(2) and 4 relating to Canvassing and Touting and Information on Professional Stationery.

With regards to the other rules, the Commission merely expressed an opinion that depending on one’s interpretation, they may be viewed as uncompetitive but the ruling was that they do not contravene the Act.

With regards to the two rules that were found to be contravening the Competitions Act, the Council has been engaging the Commission over this aspect. We have finally agreed to amend the sections and our proposed amendments were discussed and approved by the Commission. We will finalize that process soon

You may therefore rest assured that the Ruling has no major impact on the Rules as they are at this stage.

Mr Nkuna undertook to keep me informed and advise me as soon as the changes have been made, published in the Government Gazette. Then only will they be enforceable. Until then all of the Ethical Rules apply, and those that are relevant to the practice of our professions are set out and interpreted for you in the Code of Ethics of SASLHA.
Kind regards
Susan M Swart, Chairperson ESC
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